As a NASM (National Academy of Sports medicine), CES certified (Corrective Exercise Specialist), and CPR/ AED certified Personal trainer, I believe exercise is an essential remedy for our bodies and minds. 

We need to stop looking at exercise negatively as something we have to do, or as something we don’t want to do, or as something we don’t have time to do.  It should be something we look forward to in a way.  Sounds crazy, but here's why:

What I know to be true of a lifestyle that carves out time for exercise is that it improves moods and energy levels, relieves stress, and releases frustration.  You will feel better after!  That is something to look forward to.

But don't get me wrong, occasionally I really don't feel like putting myself through a rigorous exercise routine.  My mind will start to make the same excuses that everyone else's does-  I'm tired, I have so much to do today, I'd rather spend my money elsewhere, I'd rather be doing something else (almost anything else!).  

And then my discipline, that I have trained my mind to acquire, kicks in and I come to my senses.  I remind myself that it's only One Hour out of my day.  One Hour is the difference that's keeping me from feeling better about myself.  From looking better.  From feeling more confident.  From being healthier.  

Lastly, in regards to a health perspective, exercise is an extremely important tool for lowering your risk of heart disease, improving your cholesterol, and improving your mental well-being.

Don’t put off exercising.  Make it your lifestyle.  You can do it!  And you must.    xo